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Benefits of loom data monitoring systems

For any business engaged in the manufacturing activity knows the value of tracking and performance reports. Achieving the best quality fabrics along with the optimum performance is the main goal for any loom unit. To know the benefits of the loom data monitoring system we first need to take a sneak into how it works and why we should have one.

  • Why do we track OR monitor loom data

The very first question anyone would ask is why tracking OR monitoring is done? well the answer is quite straightforward. We all need to measure the performance right? Yes, but is monitoring limited to performance only? No, data tells you so much more than just the performance reports. it tells you the month over month and year over year growth, it tells you which problems are occurring frequently, it tells you where you need to focus more to have optimum performance, fabric quality and many more helpful insights which will help in maximizing the production and ultimately profits.

Now let’s take a look on what kind of reports can be generated using modern water jet loom monitoring systems and the key benefits of it.

  • Efficiency Reports (OEE)

Efficiency reports also called OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) gives you the insights of the manufacturing process which includes loom machine group wise, department wise, individual loom wise, shift wise, daily-monthly and yearly reports.

  • Stoppage Reports

Stoppage reports gives you the insights of manual stop and filler stop data using which you can take corrective decisions on what is causing the maximum stop time.

  • Beam Production

Trackton loom production software also generates beam reports which gives information of the fabric produced in a particular time OR beam wise. And it also reports the remaining meters to get produced.

  • Beam Alerts

This is one of the best feature to reduce machine stop time caused by not knowing when the beam levels are low and needs a replacement. This feature shows an alert when beam reaches below the set level. it also displays for how many days a particular beam will last at the current production speed.

  • E-Mail Reports

This feature sends an e-mail of the reports every time the shift changes, You can set the recipients of that mail and which reports should be sent in this online loom monitoring system.

  • Color-coded interface and blinking cards

The whole interface of loom data weaving monitoring system is color-coded for easy readability and the blinking cards denotes the problem causing machines. This makes it easy to act fast on the issues and get it fixed promptly.

Because of all above accurate and quantifiable reports, decision makers and managers can take corrective actions in no time, and the probability of being true increases for the decisions taken. Without accurate data there is a big chance that it will fail.

Not only decisions but these power loom software reports can also be used in the future forecasts of the production. As it provides a detailed insights of year wise, month wise and custom date wise reports.

Individual loom machines can also be assigned to a particular group OR department and reports can be generated accordingly. These reports are very helpful when you want to check the performance of a particular department OR a group. This circular loom monitoring system helps grow the production.

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