water jet loom data monitoring system

Traditional Vs Advanced loom monitoring systems

When it comes to performance evaluation and monitoring traditional methods are still there. Although the technology advancement has provided many proven benefits to the loom industry with advanced monitoring systems that generates the most accurate data. But still traditional evaluation systems are widely used.

Traditional methods consists of book keeping by the individual loom operator who did entries of start time, stop time, issues faced etc. then the supervisors and manager were also having their own record books. Now the issue with this system was it never matched one another’s reading. and ultimately the decisions takes on that false tracking data results in a disastrous results.

Moreover, traditional tracking never gave insights and overall performance reports of the manufacturing unit, If you want to compare month over month OR year over year performance reports then there is a lot of tasks and calculations you need to perform manually that too with inaccuracy. This is where the demand of a perfect and precise monitoring system evolved.

With rapid growth of technology new loom data weaving monitoring system and custom software evolved which kept improving. Today there are many dedicated companies like Trackton Systems who designs and develops such power loom software and they have mastered in this niche.

Because of complete automation the human error can be completely removed from the whole tracking process, and this is the key to a complete and error free loom data monitoring. After years of research and trials, Trackton was able to build a sophisticated and robust online loom monitoring system that can be scaled to any number of loom machines and reports like stoppage, operator performance, group wise and department wise, beam level alerts, produced fabric length and many more.

All tracking and analysis done in this loom production software is without any human input, Reports are generated with just few clicks and you will have the summary of the unit health and OEE report.
If you also want to improve the production efficiency with limited resources then Trackton circular loom monitoring system is a must have tool.

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